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A Solution to A Common Error When Creating Plybooks and Tables on the CATIA CAD Platform

Community Manager Community Manager
Community Manager

A common error that customers experience while using Fibersim with Catia is the “One or more Ply Book are not allowed to be created” error shown below.PlybookErrorCATIA1.png

Often times, a user will try creating a Ply Book or Table while still on the Modeling screen of Catia and will receive this error. This error is shown whenever the user tries to create a Ply Book or a Ply Table while they are not on the Drafting screen of Catia. In order to switch to the Drafting screen, the user must click Start > Mechanical Design > Drafting (as shown below). They will then be able to create Ply Books and Ply Tables without receiving any errors.PlybookErrorCATIA2.png