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Accessing Springback in Fibersim 16’s Manufacturing Laminate Creation Utility

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In previous releases of Fibersim, the Manufacturing Laminate Creation utility’s Springback functionality was simply located on a separate tab of the utility’s form. This was done to separate the standard Manufacturing Laminate (without Springback) and the Manufacturing Laminate with Springback as clearly as possible.Accessing Springback in Fibersim 1.jpg

Fibersim 16’s user interface, however, involves a great deal of streamlining in order to reduce unnecessary mouse-clicks and navigation. One thing that may not be obvious to new users or those who have recently upgraded is the location of the Springback functionality. The tab has been removed from the form, and at first glance, Springback appears missing altogether. Not helping matters is that while the Fibersim 16 User Guide covers the usage of the Springback functionality, it provides no clues on how to access it.Accessing Springback in Fibersim 2.jpg

The answer is actually very simple, if not immediately obvious. First, please note from the image above that the Fibersim 16 Manufacturing Laminate Creation utility’s form defaults to a Component Type of Layer. The Springback functionality is only available when duplicating plies. Upon changing the Component Type to Ply, a new slide-down panel for Springback becomes available on the form, and users can then fill in the necessary parameters:Accessing Springback in Fibersim 3.jpg