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Asserting Fibersim Design Weight Values into NX Weight Management

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Fibersim includes the capability to calculate the weight, center of gravity, and moment of inertia for each laminate defined in a part. NX is capable of calculating these values for the actual model, but is not able to include the values from any aspect of the Fibersim design by default. Therefore, Fibersim now has the ability to assert the weight, center of gravity, and moment of inertia values for any given laminate directly into NX Weight Management. This can be done by checking the “Assert into NX Weight Management” checkbox located on any Laminate Analysis screen as shown below.DesignWeightValues1.png

Currently, Fibersim only has the ability to export one laminates’ weight values per part. If the option is already checked in another laminate, then Fibersim will give the user a warning and uncheck the option in the previous laminate. However, if the user is creating a Fibersim design on an assembly, Fibersim will allow the user to send one laminates’ weight values from each part in the assembly and NX will automatically assign the weight values to the correct part.

Fibersim will only assert weight values that are up-to-date into NX. If a laminate is deleted or if the weight analysis status goes out-of-date, then the Fibersim weight analysis values are automatically deleted from NX.

After the weight values have been exported to NX, they can be viewed using the NX Weight Management utility located in NX under Analysis > Advanced Mass Properties > Advanced Weight Management. After this utility has been selected, the weight analysis values can be viewed by clicking on either the “Work Part” or “Selected Components” calculation as highlighted in red below.


After selecting either “Work Part” or “Selected Components”, a report will be generated that will display the mass properties exported by Fibersim and the report will state that the values have been asserted as shown below. DesignWeightValues3.pngLastly, if an NX-Teamcenter connection is established, then the mass properties will also be uploaded to Teamcenter upon saving the NX model.