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Composite Part Setup: Volume Fill between a Laminate & Fill-to Surface

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For all post-Fibersim 15 versions, a major change was implemented in regards to the proper setup necessary for using Volume Fill between a laminate and fill-to surface. In prior releases to Fibersim 15, the normal orientation of the fill-to surface was required to be pointing in the same direction as the normal orientation of the laminate surface. The picture below shows the pre-Fibersim 15 required volume fill setup involving the normal of the laminate surface pointing towards the fill-to surface with the normal of the fill-to surface pointing towards the same direction.CompositeVolumneFill1.jpgFigure 1: Part setup for pre-Fibersim 1Now, in all versions of Fibersim 15 and later, a change has been made to the software that requires the normal directions of the laminate and fill-to surfaces to be pointed toward the volume to be filled. Therefore, the normal orientation for the fill-to surface must always point towards the laminate while the normal for the laminate must point towards the fill-to surface. This change was required to support multiple fill-to surfaces, which was introduced in Fibersim 15. Along with the normal requirement change, Fibersim 15 added the ability to visualize the normal of the fill-to surface (magenta arrow) to eliminate any ambiguity when setting up your part. The picture below shows the required volume fill setup for all versions of Fibersim 15 and later.CompositeVolumeFillPartSetUp.jpgFigure 2: Part setup for Fibersim 15 and later