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Did you know? – Fibersim Keyboard Shortcuts

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Did you know Fibersim has many build in keyboard shortcuts to help you get around the user interface faster? Fibersim’s interface is designed to be easy to use, yet designing composites can be a very complicated task. Managing the plethora of data requiring to design a composite part can be daunting. As a result, any shortcuts that could be used to traverse the different parts of Fibersim that manage all of this data would be very helpful. Here is a list of all the keyboard shortcuts that Fibersim offers:


Ctrl+A – Selects all items in a list or table

Space – Deselects all items in a list or table

Ctrl+N – Creates a new object

Ctrl+B – Creates a new object based on the currently selected object

Ctrl+Shift+N – Creates a new object with geometry selection

Ctrl+Shift+B – Creates a new object based on the currently selected object with geometry selection

Ctrl+F – Performs a form find

Ctrl+Shift+F – Performs a find with geometry selection

Ctrl+R – Performs a reframe on

Ctrl+I – Launches an XML import

Ctrl+E – Launches an XML export

Ctrl+P – Prints

Ctrl+Q – Quits

Ctrl+T – Switches to tab view or back to form view when editing certain objects

Ctrl+L – Links the selected objects

Ctrl+U – Unlinks the selected objects