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Easily Define, Simulate, and Document Self-Overlapping Plies

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Fibersim now supports self-overlapping plies.  In the past, if you ever wanted to define a ply that fully wraps around a part and overlaps itself, you would have had to go through several workarounds to do so, such as:

  • Model a tiny gap in the ply then extend the flat pattern manually
  • Add an overlap to your laminate surface and use separate laminates for each ply
  • Model the ply as two separate pieces and use manual documentation to indicate that they are actually one.

To say the least, it wasn’t a quick and easy process. Recognizing the need for improvement, With Fibersim you can now simply just check a box.


All you need is:

1. a 2-domain laminate (like the two ends of a tube) and the “Wrapped” checkbox will appear on the ply form. 

2. Define your start and end curves such that they intersect the two boundaries of the ply, and you are good to go. 

With this new wrapped ply capability, you can now run producibility simulations, generate flat patterns, and run 3D cross-sections.


For a more detailed walkthrough, check out this video.