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Extend Perpendicular option in Fibersim 16 (Working Boundary)

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Community Manager

Fibersim 16 features streamlined forms for creating objects most users are familiar with, including laminates, rosettes, plies, etc. For example, many tabs have been eliminated in favor of more drop-down panels on each existing tab. The layout of these forms is meant to be more intuitive and ultimately results in more efficient definition of these objects.

One change that can potentially lead to confusion, however, is the location of the Extend Perpendicular option, which defines how Fibersim extends plies’ net boundaries to the laminate’s extended boundary. Its checkbox used to be shown on the “Extended Geometry” tab of the ply form, but because this tab has been removed, some users have had trouble finding the option.PerpendicularOption1.jpg

In order to access the Extend Perpendicular option, the “Working Boundary” drop-down at the top of the ply form must be switched from “Net” to “Extended”. Much like the Active Laminate drop-down at the top of the ply list (which filters the list based on the laminate you select), the Working Boundary drop-down tailors the fields and options on the different tabs of the ply form to that particular boundary type.PerpendicularOption2.jpg

Once the Working Boundary has been set to “Extended”, the Extend Perpendicular option will appear in the “Boundary Geometry” drop-down panel of the ply’s Standard tab:PerpendicularOption3.jpg