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Fibersim 101: (10 of 14) 3D Cross Sections

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A powerful visualization tool available in Fibersim is the 3D Cross Section. This utility displays CAD curves representing the laminate components (plies and cores) in 3D space and aligned to the tool surface and driven by a user-selected curve. This curve must reside on the tool surface, and any laminate components intersected by it will be displayed in proper layup order.

Further, the 3D Cross Section utility will assign colors and set line style and thickness for the curves representing these components based on ply orientation and material, as defined in the Materials Database.

- In our example model, please create a 3D Cross Section object by clicking on “3D Cross Section” in Fibersim’s left-hand Applications tree, right-click in the main right-hand window, and choose Create New:3DCrossSections1.jpg

- In the 3D Cross Section form that appears, enter a name and select “DUCT” from the Laminate pull-down to assign the object’s parent. Next, click the link geometry button for the Cross Section Curve and select the dashed curve in NX as shown:




- Next, set the Ply/Layer Offset Scale to 100. This option controls the spacing between the generated curves representing plies. Because the composite material we are using in this example is so thin, the curves appear too close at the default scale of 1. Please note that we are leaving the Core Offset Scale at its default value of 1:



-  Finally, click the Generate button on the form and examine the cross section generated on the model. Please note that the cross section is generated on the “inside” or concave side of the tool surface, as this is a female tool (as determined by the normal direction of the sheet body in NX).