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Fibersim 101: (11 of 14) Exploded Laminate

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Welcome to Fibersim 101, a step-by-step series of articles meant to familiarize new users with the key concepts of the software. We recommend starting with Part 1 and downloading the “” file at the bottom of that page in order to follow along with these exercises. If you need to go back to Fibersim 101: (1 of 14) Model Setup click here.


The Explode Laminate utility creates an individual surface for each laminate component—ply or core—offset from the tool surface (and from one another) by some distance. Much like the 3D Cross Section, this visual representation of the ply stack-up is useful for a variety of purposes.FibersimExplodedLaminates1.jpg

The surfaces representing each component are trimmed based on the component’s boundary before being offset from the tool surface. In the case of a Ply, this is either the Net or Extended boundary, while for Core objects, the main boundary selection is used.FibersimExplodedLaminates2.jpg

Again, like 3D Cross Sections in Fibersim, the Explode Laminate surfaces are color-coded based on material and orientation. The offset distances between surfaces representing plies and those representing cores can either be constant, user-defined values, or they can be scaled values (some multiple of the material’s thickness).FibersimExplodedLaminates3.jpg




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