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Fibersim 101: (12 of 14) Flat Pattern Layout

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Welcome to Fibersim 101, a step-by-step series of articles meant to familiarize new users with the key concepts of the software. We recommend starting with Part 1 and downloading the “” file at the bottom of that page in order to follow along with these exercises. If you need to go back to Fibersim 101: (1 of 14) Model Setup click here.


By default, Fibersim generates plies’ flat patterns in a stack, aligned with the Flat Pattern Placement and Orientation settings. The Flat Pattern Layout utility allows users to spread out the patterns in a grid-like manner for easy visual inspection.

The utility’s parameters, such as cell width/height and grid origin coordinates, allow for full customization, ensuring that the flat patterns display as desired in the CAD window.FlatPatternLayout2.jpg