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Fibersim 101: (7 of 14) Design Stations

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Welcome to Fibersim 101, a step-by-step series of articles meant to familiarize new users with the key concepts of the software. We recommend starting with Part 1 and downloading the “” file at the bottom of that page in order to follow along with these exercises. If you need to go back to Fibersim 101: (1 of 14) Model Setup click here.FibersimDesignStations1.png

Design Station objects are used when the engineer needs to determine whether the laminate stackup defined in Fibersim meets certain requirements at various locations on the tool surface. Design stations perform core samples at these user-specified points, which provide information such as local part thickness, ply count, and fiber orientations. The core sample results remain stored with each design station object and can be updated if any changes are made to the design.

There are three different core sample types that the user is able to perform on each design station. Summary core samples provide a component list, specified orientations, and thickness data:FibersimDesignStations2.png

Detailed core samples provide actual (deformed) fiber orientation data at the design station origin by comparing the results from the plies’ producibility simulations against a selected reference rosette:FibersimDesignStations3.png

Laminate Rating core samples provide symmetry, balance, and warpage calculations based on the specified orientation of each ply found at the design station. 

FibersimDesignStations4.pngIn our example model, please create a Design Station by clicking Design Station in Fibersim’s left-hand Applications tree. Right-click in the empty Design Station list that appears on the right, and select Create New: 

FibersimDesignStations5.pngIn the “create Design Station” form, click the “Link Geometry” button to next to the empty Origin field as shown below: 

FibersimDesignStations6.jpgIn the “Fibersim Point Selection Dialog” box that appears, click Point Dialog:

FibersimDesignStations7.jpgSelect Existing Point from the Type drop-down list. On the model, select the “Point of Core – DS Origin” as the Design Station origin. Click OK to confirm the selection.


FibersimDesignStations8.pngNext, select All from the Core Sample Type drop-down list as shown below:FibersimDesignStations9.jpgClick the Core Sample button to run the Design Station: 

FibersimDesignStations10.pngClick OK to dismiss the message that the Core sample has completed successfully and observe the Core Sample Analysis results at the bottom of the form: 



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