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Fibersim 101: (8 of 14) Flat Pattern Export

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Welcome to Fibersim 101, a step-by-step series of articles meant to familiarize new users with the key concepts of the software. We recommend starting with Part 1 and downloading the “” file at the bottom of that page in order to follow along with these exercises. If you need to go back to Fibersim 101: (1 of 14) Model Setup click here.



The Flat Pattern Export interface in Fibersim generates either net or extended flat pattern data files used by nesting and cutting systems. These export files are generated directly from each flat pattern generated by Fibersim’s producibility simulation and contain all the necessary boundary geometry and manufacturing data for the nesting or cutting system.

This utility reduces the risk of incorrect data being transferred to the cutter by automatically creating flat pattern data and eliminating manual intervention by the user. This involves not only transferring geometric boundary data, but also manufacturing ply quantities, material types, orientations, and labeling information.

A number of additional options are available as well. Fibersim can fillet corners with a specified radius in order to optimize cutting efficiency. The output layers can be controlled (for certain formats) so that the ply boundary, holes, origin point, warp fiber direction marker, and standard markers can be exported to different layers. Options for output line type and tolerances are also available.

This functionality can be accessed by clicking File > Export > Flat Pattern Export in Fibersim.