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Fibersim 101: (9 of 14) Laser Projection Export

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In addition to being able to export flat patterns, Fibersim can also export laser projection data formatted appropriately for a variety of different vendors. Unlike flat pattern export, however, which relies on Fibersim’s producibility simulation and subsequent flat patterns, the laser projection functionality is driven solely by plies’ boundaries and material.

Fibersim first tessellates each ply boundary into a number of points. With the “Offset” option deactivated, Fibersim simply exports the XYZ coordinates of these points. More commonly, however, with “Offset” turned on, Fibersim calculates the thickness of the material (from plies or cores) under each of the current ply’s points, and offsets it the appropriate distance from the tool surface. This is critical for projecting a sharp boundary with no blurring.

Additional options are available to project reference points (targets used in calibrating the projector), to include surface normal vectors along with the XYZ coordinates, and to project the ply name along with the boundary.