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Fibersim Rosette Display Length

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Typically you only access the rosette when you initially create it to set up your part. You may be aware that you can customize the size of the display geometry (and the published CAD geometry) by adjusting the “Display Length” member.  But you likely do not know all the other areas that are impacted by this simple setting.  Rather than bombarding the user with options to control relatively minor details, Fibersim takes the display length of a Rosette as a general sizing field for a given part.  To that end, this display length actually controls the size of several other items in Fibersim:

  1. The direction vector for both plies and layers linked to that rosette
  2. The text height for Laser Projection exports with the “Export Text” option enabled

If you are working on smaller parts, reducing the Display Length can greatly enhance ply and layer highlighting as it will prevent the direction vector from taking over the display - a 5” direction vector on a 2” ply looks pretty confusing:

RosetteDisplaySettings1.png5" Display Length  RosetteDisplaySettings2.png1" Display Length

Additionally, the default length can be set in the FiberSIM_Defaults.xml file if you are consistently working on smaller parts (for more information on editing the defaults file, see this community post).