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Fibersim Zone-Based Composite Design: Text Label Display Options

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Community Manager

Working with complex Zone-based designs in Fibersim usually requires the creation of large numbers of Zones. When querying these Zones, the screen can often get visually cluttered with their labels, thus making at-a-glance evaluations of gauge thicknesses cumbersome.CompositeZoneTextLabelDisplayOptions1.jpg

To alleviate this problem, the content of these text labels can be customized by going to the Fibersim Options panel:CompositeZoneTextLabelDisplayOptions2.jpg



In this example, we are only concerned with the Zone name and the actual ply count, so actual thickness and Laminate Specification are unchecked. The result is a much cleaner display, showing only the information of value:CompositeZoneTextLabelDisplayOptions4.jpg

These modified settings will remain in the user’s profile so that the next time Fibersim is started or another model is opened, the desired display options will remain in place.

Also related is the ability to shut off the labels altogether using the Highlight Type button along the main Fibersim toolbar: 


Unchecking “Label” will remove the text labels from the display altogether (which can be helpful if using color-coded Laminate Specifications):CompositeZoneTextLabelDisplayOptions6.jpg