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Grid Based Zone Maker

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Grid based designs are a great way of designing zones for structures like fuselages or wings. After these structures undergo CAE analysis to determine the necessary thicknesses, ply orientations, and the ply materials. Together with the layout of the ribs and spars, the Laminate surface can be divided into a grid for zones. This is where the Grid Based Zone Maker comes in handy. The Grid Based Zone Maker is a utility in Fibersim that allows for fast and easy zone creation when using grid based designs. Normally when creating zones, the boundary curves and origins need to be selected for each separate zone. The Grid Based Zone Maker speeds up this process by allowing all the Boundary Curves and Origin Points to all be selected and generating every zone at once.

Before using the Grid Based Zone Maker, a grid needs to be created on the Laminate surface and each section of the grid will need an origin point.GridBasedZoneMakerFibersim1.png

After the grid has been created, the Grid Based Zone Maker can be started by clicking the icon located in the Zone Toolbar, or in the Tools drop down menu under Operations.GridBasedZoneMakerFibersim3.png

Once the utility is open, use geometry select to select all the points and curves for the Origins and Boundary Curves respectively. The Generate button then creates a zone for each of the origins selected. If the Origin Points have names, the zones can be made to inherit those names by turning on the “Use Names form Origins” option.GridBasedZoneMakerFibersim4.png



 If the grid design is changed, the Grid Based Zone Maker can be used to easily update the zones to reflect the changes.