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How Not to Launch Fibersim

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Community Manager

Oftentimes, IT staff or other software administrators at a company are responsible for the installation/deployment of Fibersim. These individuals may not be aware of Fibersim’s nature as an application that runs solely within a CAD system.

As such, when attempting to test an installation, they may attempt to launch Fibersim from one of the executables in the program directory. For example, when installing Fibersim 15.2 for use with NX 11, the following executable will be created in the program directory:

<Fibersim loadpoint>\ugnx11_64\Fibersim1520.exe

It is important to understand that double-clicking on this executable is not a valid way of launching Fibersim.

The following warning message may appear that can cause confusion:Fibersimsuitablefeatures.jpg

The only appropriate way to start Fibersim is after first launching the CAD system and creating a new model or opening an existing one. If the installation steps have been properly followed and Fibersim has been successfully integrated with the CAD system, Fibersim will be able to access licensing and start as normal.