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Modifying Exported Composite Flat Patterns using Minimum Line Length & Maximum Length Ratio

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There are multiple options available to Fibersim users that allow the user to modify their exported flat patterns.

These options can be used to either speed up the time it takes to produce their flat patterns or even create more accurate flat patterns. The two main flat pattern export options that can be used to modify your flat patterns are the Minimum Line Length and Maximum Length Ratio values which can be found under the Lines and Arcs option as shown below.ModifyingCompositeFlatPatterns1.png

These two options are available for any of the Flat Pattern Export options as highlighted in red below after clicking on Options while setting up your flat pattern export.




The Minimum Line Length value allows the user to set the length of the smallest allowable line segment within each of the exported flat patterns. The Minimum Line Length value is set by default to 0 inches and can be raised anywhere up to .12 inches. As a result of setting this value, Fibersim removes any line segments smaller than the value set by the user and merges the segments into adjacent lines. By raising the Minimum Line Length value, Fibersim will create smoother flat patterns and the flat patterns will also be optimized for increased cutting speed. However, the larger the Minimum Line Length value, the greater the risk that the user’s flat pattern will be less accurate due to the merging of the different line segments.