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Multiple laminates in single 2D or 3D Ply Table

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Today we are going to discuss a workflow within Fibersim where separate laminates, that do not have a parent/child relationship, reside within one model. However, there is a need to document the components of all the laminates together into one location, i.e. a Ply Table. An example of this workflow is when you have two separate parts on the same tooling but otherwise have no logical connection. The CAD surface represents the tooling and multiple laminates are created (linked to this one CAD surface) in Fibersim to define different parts on the tooling. See Figure 1 as an example of two laminates in Fibersim that are separate but linked to the same surface.MultipleLaminatesSinglePlyTable1.tif.jpg

Layers and plies are created on each laminate as usual and creating the composite design definition is relatively straightforward. See Figure 2 for an example result of creating plies on each laminate.MultipleLaminatesSinglePlyTable2.tif.jpg

However, despite the disconnect of the laminates, there might be a need to generate combined outputs and documentation. For example, a Ply Table that lists all the plies in both laminates in one table. Fibersim will only allow the child components of one laminate to be selected and added to the ply table at one time. Therefore, with this default setup, only one set of plies could be documented per table. The recommended solution for this is to create a top-level "container" or “organizational” laminate with no actual components on it. See Figure 3.


 The original design laminates can then be parented back to the top-level container. After assigning these laminates as children of the organizational laminate, all the components are now organized underneath one laminate. See Figure 4 for the Composite Sequence Manager display of the plies and laminates. MultipleLaminatesSinglePlyTable4.tif.jpg

Finally, when you create the Ply Table and select the top-level laminate, all the components will be available for selection. See Figure 5MultipleLaminatesSinglePlyTable5.tif.jpg

The Ply Table can now be generated to include the desired components within your Fibersim design.MultipleLaminatesSinglePlyTable6.tif.jpg