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NX Geometry Naming Part 2: How to Rename Multiple Points at the Same Time

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Community Manager

In NX Geometry Naming Part 1, you learned how to name NX points so that they show up in Fibersim, however it may be necessary to rename many points at once, particularly for things like a zone grid. For this, NX offers patterned naming. To rename many points at once:

  • Select the selection filter to "Point" SetSelectionFilter.png
  • Select all the points to be renamed in the order you want to name them. If you dont care about the order, you can trap-select the points.
  • Right click and select properties
  • Enter the common part of the name (e.g. "Zone."). check the box "Add index to name" and set the starting index (default is 1):


  •  This will name the points selected Zone.1, Zone.2, Zone.3, etc.
  • Keep in mind that this only names geometry and not the features, so the names will not be reflected in the Part Navigator
  • ADDITIONAL NOTE: If the desire is specifically to create a grid of zone origins for Fibersim, the point name can be assigned to the zone name with a checkbox in the Grid-based zone maker: usenamesfromorigins.png