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NX Geometry Naming Part 3: How to name NX curves so it shows up in Fibersim

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Question: How do I name a curve in NX and have that show up in Fibersim (e.g. the origin of a zone)? Renaming the feature in the part navigator seems to have no effect.  Also, when I link to a single intersect curve feature I seem to get multiple curves in Fibersim.


Answer: Fibersim links to CAD geometry, not features. In NX, there is no guarantee of a one-to-one relationship between features and geometry (e.g. a Point Set feature may contain many points, or an Intersection Curve feature may contain many curve segments), and renaming the feature does not propagate down to the geometric elements.  Therefore it is necessary to explicitly name the geometric elements that Fibersim will reference.

Most curves that lie on surfaces will have a separate geometric piece for every face they cross (particularly true with project and intersect features). If the goal is to have a single curve be represented in Fibersim, the separate elements must first be joined together.  In the case of some features, such as Project, this join can be performed within the feature:


NOTE: Make sure to use the General join type to avoid curve re-fitting.

For other features, such as Intersection curve, this join must be done as a separate operation using the Composite Curve function:


Once the desired curve is a single entity, to rename it.

Mouse over the curve in the CAD window until you get the 3 dots for the QuickPick dialog.

Left click to activate the QuickPick dialog and select the “Spline of Composite Curve(#)” item:


This is the curve geometry. The first entry in the image above, “Composite Curve(1255),” is the curve feature, and is the default selection that NX will return when using No Selection Filter.  Alternatively, you can set the selection filter to “Curve” and it will only select the spline or other curve geometry type without having to go through the QuickPick dialog.

Once you have the spline selected, right-click on it and select “Properties”

**Note that the “Name” field is blank. This is the default state for most NX geometry – it is   nameless. Unnamed geometry will show up in the Fibersim UI as the geometry type with a random number after it.

Assign the desired name to the Name field. You may optionally assign the Feature Name as well, which is what will show up in the Part Navigator. Unfortunately there are no rules that the geometry name and feature name have to agree, so this must be done manually.



Hit OK to save the spline name. Now when you link any Fibersim object to that curve, the name will show up in Fibersim

**IMPORTANT NOTE: If Fibersim is already linked to a curve and that curve is renamed in the same session, the part must be saved, closed and re-opened for the name change to be recognized by Fibersim.

The above process is valid for any single object. However you may not want to create additional composite curve features just to have the names show up in Fibersim.