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Sequential Naming of Fibersim Objects

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When creating multiple Fibersim objects (such as plies, layers, zones, etc.) at the same time, it can be tiring for a user to have to modify each object individually just to change the names of each new object. This post will go over several tips you can use to name groups of your objects simultaneously.

This first naming tip that will be discussed in this post is the ability to name multiple objects in a sequential numerical order. Whenever modifying or creating multiple Fibersim objects at the same time, the Name field will first say “<Different>” as shown in the picture below.SequentialNameing1.png

The following tip allows the user to rename all objects being modified to follow a sequential numerical order. First, the user must enter the name they would like for all their objects, followed by a number that they would like for the objects to start counting off at. For example, Ply25 or Layer1. After typing this name, the user must type a comma, then type in a number that they would like for their objects to be counted off with. I have provided a screenshot of an example below in which I used the number “5” to count off all the plies being created. 


There is also a way to name objects in a sequential alphabetical order instead of the numerical order. First, the user must enter the name they would like for all their objects, however, the name must end with a letter rather than a number. Next, the user must type a comma and follow up the comma with an “@” symbol. For example, “test,@” would create a sequential list starting with “test”, then “tesu”, then “tesv”, etc. Once the list of objects reaches the letter “Z”, the next letter to end the name will be “AA”, then once “ZZ” is used, “AAA” will be used. Below are several screenshots showing an example of the object list created after typing “P001-A,@” into the name field.SequentialNaming4.png