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The Fibersim User Interface: Frame Layout Options

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Community Manager

By default, Fibersim’s main user interface is separated in different frames. This article will address the Applications, Documents, and Messages frames and how to undock, re-dock, and deactivate them. The default configuration of these frames can be seen below:FibersimUserInterface1.jpg

The two main ways to undock these frames are by using the Restore buttons, where available, highlighted in the image below, or by simply clicking and dragging the bars where these buttons are located. 


When clicking and dragging a frame that was formerly docked, users can re-dock the frame to other areas of the main Fibersim window by dragging it to the desired location (across the top of the main Fibersim window, as shown below, along either side, or at the bottom of the window). 


Upon undocking any of the frames, the Restore button disappears, but the frame can be re-docked with the main Fibersim window by double-clicking the bar across the top of the frame. Doing so will restore the frame to its last docked orientation.FibersimUserInterface4.jpg

As one would expect, clicking the “X” button on each frame will remove it from the main Fibersim window altogether. To bring the frame back to its last docked or undocked location, simply click View, then the appropriate frame:FibersimUserInterface5.jpg