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STAR-CCM+: Live courses, certification, and free e-learning

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Through STAR Academy training in the Steve Portal, users can go through e-learning courses on STAR-CCM+ fundamentals, multiphase flow, heat transfer, marine modeling, and optimization on demand and can complete these courses at their own pace. This interactive system is fully narrated, includes simulation demonstrations, quizzes, and more! 

STAR-Lab is a live in-person training exercise that follows completion of STAR-CCM+ e-learning modules. STAR-Lab is intended to provide a controlled environment for engineers new to STAR-CCM+ to practice what they have learned, as well as to expand their understanding of problem solving using STAR-CCM+. The exercises for STAR-Lab Day will include CAD creation, surface import and repair, boundary assignment, meshing set up, physics model selection, report creation, and post processing for a range of geometries. See our calendar in STAR Academy for scheduled virtual STAR-Lab days.

An outline of the e-learning courses can be seen in the STAR-Academy tab on the Steve Portal. If you do not have access to the Steve Portal please contact us using the "Contact the Academic Team" section on the right side of this page:


To access the e-learning courses please go to the Steve Portal, click the STAR-Academy tab, and click training for academics. From here you can view the training free of cost.


Students are eligible to take a certification test upon completion of the foundation e-learning course.