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STAR-CCM+ cloud computing through Rescale's Academic Program

Siemens Valued Contributor Siemens Valued Contributor
Siemens Valued Contributor

Running STAR-CCM+ on larger machines with additional cores and memory can significantly reduce run time, allowing for more simulations and broader exploration of the design space. This also enables simulations to use more cells and therefore return more accurate simulations. However, many teams are:

  • Not able to access their school's cluster
  • Not able to use cluster queuing systems which often require submission scripts to submit jobs in batch (without a graphic user interface)
  • Forced to wait lengthy periods for other jobs to complete before their simulations can run


Rescale’s ScaleX for Universities allow teams to submit simulations through a straightforward  interface (see demo for STAR-CCM+) and provides up to 500 core hours (# cores*hours used), 100GB of Data Storage, and 100GB of Data Transfer free of cost. After this, compute time can be paid-as-you-go with a credit card. Rescale also offers the ability for Professors to deploy Rescale's Enterprise capabilities to a classroom setting, allowing students to take advantage of the flexibility of cloud at a highly discounted price. For information about pay-as-you-go options with Rescale please visit,


Rescale also supports other Siemens PLM products such as Simcenter Nastran, Simcenter 3D, and Simcenter Amesim.