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Application failed in deployment - Operator Cockpit


Hi All,

I am trying to push the application in productive system through the steps given in Operator cockpit.
Application has two components : appweb and appservice
I am stuck between the process where application is been pushed in Mindsphere CF and failed in validation and now not able to register further.
Followed the steps till download and push the application from operator cockpit as per Siemens documentation.

The application status shows as below:
Provisioning : "Assigned" -> It suppose to be "Deployed" after validation but shows error "Failed Component Name: appservice"
Productive: "Running" -> Both the components i.e appweb and appservice are deployed and running successfully in mindsphere CF

Anybuddy has idea where I have to look into for troubleshooting ?
I could not see any logs or message which gave me more details on error like "Failed Component Name: appservice" (referring Operator cockpit)


Re: Application failed in deployment - Operator Cockpit




Did you get any message about Component Name mismatch?


I had a similar problem, and spen some time to solve it.


The problem was that the name of the application and the name of the component was not matching. I solved this by creating a new application in MindSphere where I ented the same name for the application and component.