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Certification Files - MindConnect_FB in TIA Portal


I'm trying to upload some data to Mindsphere by using the MindConnect_FB demo project in TIA Portal.


Can I upload data to Mindsphere without adding the certification files into TIA Portal? And if not, how do I get a hold of these certification files?


- Petter 


Re: Certification Files - MindConnect_FB in TIA Portal

Siemens Creator Siemens Creator
Siemens Creator

Hi PetterFoyn,


You need the certificates, because you have to use SSL communication. You can get from your IoT account. Follow these steps:

1. Use chrome to go your MindSphere tenant.

2. Press Key "F12"

3. Click on the tab "Security".

4. Click on "View certificate".

5. Click on tab "Certification path".     

     5a. Click on "QouVadis Root CA 2 G3" and "View certificate".     

     5b. Click on tab "Details" and "copy to file".

6. Repeat 5a and 5b for the "QouVadis Enterprise Trust CA 2 G3" and "Siemens Issuing CA Internet Server 2017" certificate.