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Confusing login


I find the login procedure confusing, as to know what is the Name I should insert into the Login page.

There are three Id-options, what "might" existing as

  1. Nutzername (username)
  2. Login-Name (login name)
  3. Webkey- Benutzername (webkey user name)

I found that the "Login-Name", what is listed in my personal profile of the website does not work as login name when I insert it into the login-screen. What I need to fill into the login-screen as "Nutzername"  (username) is my email-adress. With the login name I am transferred to the page of forgotten login data. The Webkey- Benutzername (webkey user name) in my case is my email-adresse.

So I'm a bit confused of the purpose of all these Id's where the login-name is not the name to login and the webkey user name seems to be unused as is the login name.

Another point confusing is, that if I ask to send me my login-data .... for a considerable amount of time there is NO REACTION it takes a lot of minutes until the email is released ... so one is inclined to follow the hint, popping up instantly and suggesting, in case of no email I shoud repeat the request .... This is confusing as well ...


best regards

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