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Connecting Siemens S7-400 PLC with MindSphere


Hello, I'm having trouble getting values in my datapoints in MindSphere. It seems there is no connection between the PLC and MindConnect IoT2040. From another post on the forum:

i use the same version of Simatic manager.

One guy answered:

"you don't need to add the gateway ( IOT2040 or MindConnect Nano) to the Simatic Manager Project. You only need to know the DB number, offsets and the datatypes of the variables you want to read from your controller. All the configuration is done on the gateway itself.

This doesn't yield any result on my end. 


1.We've constructed a DB with variables we want to read. added a converter to get the right type (REAL)

2.The MindConnect and PLC are on the same subnet.

3. MindConnect onboarded with correct network settings.

4. MindConnect is onboarded and online.

5. Added datasource with one single datapoint.

6.MindConnect goes offline.


We've searched around the interweb for solutions and troubleshooting without success. Most of the information centers around TIA Portal and the use of FB1500. Anyone encountered this problem and got some tips on how to fix this?

Attached is the DB, datasource and datapoint information.


With best regards

Kenneth Larsen