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How to Create or Shorten Hyperlinks in Your Forum Posts

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Creating or shortening hyperlinks in your forum posts:

Using the "Insert/edit link" feature in the row of tools along the top of the text will allow you to create or shorten the links you wish to add to your posts. You can even use this feature change aword or group of words in your post into a hyperlink.


Creating a hyperlink using text:


Here is a link to the Rules of Participation for the Siemens PLM Community.: 

(Often, the link would be to something potentially very long.)


Imagine you need to link a fellow user to the Rules of Participation, but you don't want to take the chance of skewing the forum with a really long URL, or you simply want to make things as simple as possible for the user you're assisting.


You just want to say: "Your answer can be found in the Rules of Participation for these forums."  The words we're linking are in red just for easy identification for the purposes of this guide.


To change the words "Rules of Participation" into a hyperlink, simply follow these steps:


1. Highlight the words "Rules of Participation" and then click the Insert/edit link button at the top of the text box.

It looks like three links to a chain - LinkChain.jpg .


2. In the Link URL box, insert the actual URL from earlier: 

Click Insert.



"Your answer can be found in the Rules of Participation for these forums."


Creating a hyperlink from scratch:


1. Click the Insert/edit link button.


2. In the Link Text box, enter the text you want to convert into a link.

   We're going to use: "How to Give A Kudos."


3. Now, enter your link into the Link URL box, and click Insert.

   We're going to use this link:




How to Give A Kudos





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