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How to Get the Most from Your Signature in the Community

Community Manager Community Manager
Community Manager

The first thing you should do after registering for the Community is create your signature. A signature appears at the bottom of your posts and may include info such as your name, software you use —really anything you want. Nothing is required however this will offer other users beneficial information when trying to help answer your question.  Feel free to be creative. But we do have some guidelines to help you get the most out of your signature.


Let’s walk through this blueprint for what you can include:

Signature blueprint.png

  1. Software and release numbers you use today
  2. Languages you develop with
  3. Software and release numbers you’re testing

In our example, we included name, job title, and company. This provides fellow Community members with an idea of who you are and what you do however this is NOT required. Users can simply address you by your screen name if that is preferred. (using @ mention functionality or simply replying to that user’s post) Community is about helping one another, not necessarily knowing who you are and understanding what someone’s experience is. That’s why we suggest you focus your signature on the above three items. 


You should include the software release. Solutions often depend on what version of the software you’re running, so when you include it in your signature, you get an answer faster. It saves you from telling—and others from asking. 


Signatures help you get answers in other ways, too. Let’s say I’m reading through a forum, and I see a response with a signature. I notice the person is testing a version of software I’m interested in. I can reach out through the Community to ask what he or she thinks, all because that person included testing software releases in their signature. Developer languages are also good to include.



How to Change your signature


To create your personal signature:


  1. Sign in to your community account.
  2. Go to My Settings > Personal Profile > Personal Information.
  3. Enter your signature text in the Signature box. 
    Some communities let
    you use HTML in your signature. Check with a moderator if you have questions.
  4. Click Save.


If you would like your signature to appear exactly as the example we feature above, you can simply copy and paste this code into the signature box. Replace the text in brackets with your own information.


<b>{your name here}</b>, {your position here}, <a href="http://{your web site here}/">{your company name here}</a><br>
<i>Production:</i> {software releases you are using in produktion}<br>
<i>Development:</i> {development languages used}    <i>Testing:</i> {software releases you are testing}