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Import Data in Mindsphere




i got two questions:

1. Is there a possibility to import data from excel or csv if you do not have a MindConnect device?

2. Are there any example applications? So i get a general idea on how to build them up?


Re: Import Data in Mindsphere

Community Manager Community Manager
Community Manager
Hi @MaBra, it is indeed possible to import external data into MindSphere without a MindConnect device but you would need to create an app that can read the CSV data. By default, there is no such application or function available.

We are about to launch our MindSphere Appstore where you will find a great sum of existing applications you can take as inspiration. You will read it here on the blog once the store is live. Smiley Happy

Re: Import Data in Mindsphere


@dvidflrmnd Do you have any changes in excel uploading? May be an App is already appeared?

I am just connected to the society and do not have MindConnect.