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KPI Calculation Issue


I have understood the overview of KPI Calculation service and want to implement the same to my probem.


Issue 1: In order to use KPI calculation service , Do I have to make "calculatekpistates" or I can directly use"computekpi"?


Issue 2: While creating POST request for using"calculatekpistates" API via Postman - the meaning of parameters is not clear to me. Can anyone please clarify the meaning of below parameters : 

1) requestParametersBundle -  control system events.

2) initialState - meaning and significance

3)defaultState - meaning and significance

4)threshold - meaning and significance

5) shutdownCorrelationThreshold - meaning and significance


I have used other Analytics API like Anomaly detection , Trend prediction, etc. where I first created models and then used "detectanomalies" ,"predictions" APIs, however I am stuck in implemeting KPI calculation.


Kindly help ASAP.