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Migrating the BBS to Community

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Community Admin

UPDATE: July 24, 12:40 PM EST


The Migration is complete. If you are an active maintenance customer, then you should see the archived BBS content in each of the respective categories.


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In an effort to consolidate multiple locations for Siemens PLM users, we will be migrating the GTAC BBS Forum to the new Siemens PLM Community in the coming weeks. By putting every community member under one roof, we are able to provide customers, users and prospects with a single location for peer-to-peer collaboration as well as a place to speak with product experts (Siemens & Partners).


While the GTAC BBS has served as a great platform, we’re confident that moving to the Siemens PLM Community will allow you to strengthen your knowledge of our products, expand your education around industry topics and offer access to users around the globe with a variety of skill sets.


Here's how it'll go: On the morning of Friday, July 18 we'll kick off the migration by freezing the old GTAC BBS forums at They will be in a read-only mode while we tackle the behind-the-scenes work. Once the migration is complete, your new home will be here at


Update: July 23, 2014

While we hoped that the old forums would be operational at the start of this week, not everything went as smoothly as planned. We had to conduct an additional test run which discovered some issues with migrating users accounts. Those have since been resolved. We are now scheduled to put the Community in read-only starting at 3 AM EST on Thursday, July 23 and will be back online by 10 AM EST the same day.


We apologize for the inconvenience this has caused but we'd rather have your account correct then push the migration through with broken accounts. With numbers in the 100 of thousands, that's a lot of data to make sure we get it right. Hopefully this has given you an opportunity to explore the Community and get comfortable with the system.


It has been brought to our attention that many BBS users were unaware of the move. We did post an announcement in the BBS for at least a week prior to us closing the old forum. As many of you only accessed it through email or news readers, we will send a separate notification out to all users. Hat tip to @jadodaro for bringing this to our attention. 

~End of update~


Another bit of good news: All of the information related to Webkey users and posts that were made prior to the migration will be moved over to the new forums, so you will not lose any information.  Exceptions to this include DNEWS, Student and Free Trial users. Due to migration conflicts, these users will appear as “ANON” in the Community however their content will still be viewable. 


NOTE: All posts made in the BBS that are migrated over to the Community will have the same

level of security – accessible to maintenance-paying customers only.  Users who are not on maintenance will not be able to view these boards nor will they see that they exist. Exceptions to this include the student and trial forums. Those will be publically available.


If you’ve already visited the Community and used your Webkey login, then all posts made on the BBS will be attributed to you on the Community. If you did a new registration on the Community, we will try to map your BBS account to your Community account however this is not guaranteed.

If you have not visited the Community yet, please follow these instructions for access.

  1. Go to
  2. Click Sign in and use the same login you used for the BBS Forum. This is your Webkey.
  3. You'll be prompted to select a screen name for the first time. You may select the same screen name you used in the BBS if it is not already used by another community member and meets the criteria for screen names in the new community. (See criteria below) 
  4. You’re ready to post!

NOTE: Rules for screen names in the Siemens PLM Community apply. In short, they are:

  • Unique
  • Alphanumeric plus hyphen and underscore
  • Case insensitive
  • 15 characters or fewer
  • Passes smut and keyword filters

If you have any questions along the way, you can reference the FAQ below. And as always, thanks for your patience, dedication, and contributions to the Siemens PLM Community!




Q. What is the User Experience for logging into Siemens PLM Community post migration?

A. Please find the scenario that best matches your situation:

1) If you have a Webkey and have NOT visited the Siemens PLM Community before, after you sign in you will be prompted to select your screen name.  Your screen name may be different than your Webkey username if you wish, but it is subject to the screen name rules mentioned above.


2) If you have a Webkey and HAVE visited the Siemens PLM Community before, there will be no difference. You will login to Siemens PLM Community as you normally have. You will see more content of yours in the Siemens PLM Community if you had a lot of posts, etc. in GTAC BBS.


3) If you do not have a Webkey then you will need to register for the Siemens PLM Community.


Q. I was prompted to pick a display name in the community and it says the display name I used in the BBS is already taken. How do I get my original display name back?  
A. Please contact with the subject “Community Display Name”. Please provide your original display name (and the new one if you completed the process) so that we can properly fix your Siemens PLM Community Account. Note that there may be some rare cases where a different user in the community has taken the same screen name as you had in the BBS. Unfortunately in those cases you will have to pick another screen name. Your content in the BBS will be associated with your new screen name.


Q. I have lost my Webkey Username, what do I do?
A. Please visit if you have forgotten your Webkey username.


Q. I have lost my Webkey password, what do I do?
A. Please visit if you have forgotten your Webkey Password


Q. How do I reset my Webkey Password?
A.   Please visit to reset your Webkey Password.

Q. I registered for one or more of the free trial programs (Free 2D, Plant Simulation, Robot Expert, Solid Edge 45 day or Femap 45 day), how do I access the Siemens PLM Community?

A. You will need to register on the Siemens PLM Community. Unfortunately, due to migration conflicts, users from these programs were not migrated, however the content was so you are still able to search these forums for questions and answers.


Q. I am a student and participated on the GTAC BBS Student Forums. How do I access the Siemens PLM Community?

A. You will need to register on the Siemens PLM Community. Unfortunately, due to migration conflicts, users from these programs were not migrated, however the content was so you are still able to search these forums for questions and answers.


Q. Are the rules of the Community the same as the BBS Forums?

A. No. The Community Rules are different. Please familiarize yourself with the Community Rules, which include the Siemens Terms of Use and the Siemens Online Privacy Policy. 


Q. How do I….? Customize my avatar, give a kudo, get notified of new posts, etc?

A. Visit the How-to section of the Community to become familiar with the new system for these answers and more. 


NEW! Q. Will my email subscriptions from the BBS transfer over to the Community? 

A. No. Unfortunately, you will need to reset your email preferences. You have a choice of RSS or email subscription. Learn more about how to get notified when someone replies to a post in our How-to tutorial.  


NEW! Q. Will all the posts from the BBS count towards my rank in the Community? 

A. Yes. All of your contributions from both the BBS and the Community will count towards your rank in the Siemens PLM Community. Some users have jumped as many as four ranks. We are planning to roll out a more comprehensive rank program in FY15. More information on that will be posted in the Community as it becomes available. 

If you find my post helpful, and it answers your question, please mark it as an "Accepted Solution"
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