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MindConnect data transfer on changes


Let say I would like the MindConnect to send data under certain conditions such as:

-Specific time (for instance: only send data to MindSphere from 9am to 6pm)

-Data values and rules (for instance: only send data to MindSpehre when the temperature is higher than 60°C)


Will this be possible with the MindAccess IoT Value Plan? 

How this is changing for the MindAccess DevOps plan?

Details are appreciated. 


Re: MindConnect data transfer on changes

Community Manager Community Manager
Community Manager

Hi @Nat_B,

The requirement you explain can be handled by X-Tools. You can create free defined logics on edge level (in plant) and send the data up into MindSphere.

Details on X-Tools / Edge Analytics can be found here.


It will work already for Version 2. The team is right now working on a version for V3, as well as an small package which will run on a Nano Box with also means lower entry cost. We are planning on releasing ths package and functionality around April/May. 


More details on the Iot Value Plan and DevOps Plan are also provided in the very soon future. As soon as we are ready for publishing you will learn it right here.