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MindSphere OS Bar and applications with their own navigation bar


Let's say that we have an already existing backend application. We want to integrate it into the MindSphere launchpad as an external application.


This application already provides its own navigation bar with a logout button (in fact, navigation in two levels).


Now, according to the mdsp documentation, it's mandatory to integrate the MindSphere OS Bar into the application. The issue we are having, is that:


  1. It looks weird, since now we have three levels of navigation
  2. It's not really intuitive to users, because there's two different logout buttons


Could anybody from the MindSphere team, or maybe anybody that faced this, how to approach the issue?




Re: MindSphere OS Bar and applications with their own navigation bar

Siemens Genius Siemens Genius
Siemens Genius

Hi @dlouzan ,


we want to provide every user of an MindSphere application the same user experience. Therefore, it is important for us that the MindSphere OS Bar is included. Especially from a legal perspective as it shows as the support, legal information of an operator and more to users. From your description i can derive that you are working with a login behind a login, which we also would like to avoid.


Normally we encourage to integrate external applications in a way that, they can handle your own users and MindSphere users coming in with our bearer token.

Re: MindSphere OS Bar and applications with their own navigation bar

Thanks Michael for the answer.

In some cases there's existing apps that predate MindSphere, and the path you suggest (handle both users with the mdsp token) is not easy since there's no control at all on the token scopes. An example of this is missing proper support for `externalId` in the tokens, as the SCIM standard documents. We opened an internal issue for this, but no answer as of today.

Let's say that we have an external application, and we integrate the user provisioning in such a way that, when a user is created in our system, it is also provisioned to the mindsphere IAM api via its SCIM standard support. We then accept mdsp tokens on our end. After authentication in MindSphere, how would we match the id of the user in mindsphere with the internal id of our user? The only solution I can see is that we keep a db matching between both identifiers on our end, which is far from optimal.