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MindSphere Upgrade to MindSphere V2.0

Hello together, Smiley Happy


I have a new MindAccess user account since Monday last week.


So at the beginning it was created with the old MindSphere-Version V1.xx.


Last Thursday there was the Summer release and MS V2.0 was rolled out here in Germany. Today I want to connect my PLC with the new MC-FB's but my interface in my MindSphere isn't the same like this in the getting started.


Here you can see it on the pictures.



This is my starting page at the moment.









And this is the starting page at the getting started of the MindConnect FB's.












So my question is why there are two different starting pages? Also the configuration after creating a new asset looks really different at my MS-Tenant. Is my tenant still on the old MindSphere Version V1.xx? If yes, why was there no upgrade for me?


Thanks for your help.


With best regards,

Steffen Smiley Happy


Re: MindSphere Upgrade to MindSphere V2.0

I have the same issue but can answer your questions. It will take until 7 - 10 more days until all tenants are migrated to the new system. I think right now the developer accounts are migrated and following the developers all user accounts will be. Maybe someone can confirm that, but this was the info I got.

Re: MindSphere Upgrade to MindSphere V2.0

Hi @SamBe,

Thanks for your quick reply. Do you know if you can speed up the process? I would need the new interface for a video recording next week. But I would have tested it a few times before to be prepared.

Re: MindSphere Upgrade to MindSphere V2.0

We are currently in the midst of the migration of existing tenants to V2(Summer Release). During this migration phase, MindDeveloper accounts will be migrated first, followed by MindAccess User. We can not exactly tell when which account will be migrated but you will need to at least wait for 7 - 10 days still. That's, unfortunately, the current situation that cannot be changed right now. Are you able to delay the recording @Steffen1?

Re: MindSphere Upgrade to MindSphere V2.0

Hey @dvidflrmnd,


thanks for the informations, about the migration situation. No we can't delay the recording, because I'm on holiday. It's a video for the Application Task Video for the YouTube channel.


Ok, so I think, I have to ask some colleagues if they have a migrated teanant, which we can use for the recording.

Re: MindSphere Upgrade to MindSphere V2.0

I will check if we have something available internally that I could offer. I will get in touch.

Re: MindSphere Upgrade to MindSphere V2.0

Hello dvidflrmnd,


I was part of the MindSphere Beta Phase.


Are there any new information on the status of the migration? I noticed that my developer account (HCP Cockpit) was migrated, because I was able to log on and push my application again.

The tenant seems to be not migrated yet, since the URL is not reachable. Do you have any information if the developer accounts will be down again and when the tenants will be accessible.


Thank you for your help.

Re: MindSphere Upgrade to MindSphere V2.0

Hi @SH1991, the migration is not yet completed and tenants are still being worked on right now. We expect to finalize the developer migration this week and for that, there will also be an extended MindSphere maintenance on Thursday this week.

With that being said, you will have to wait until the end of this week at least, unfortunately.

Hope that helps.

Re: MindSphere Upgrade to MindSphere V2.0

Hi @dvidflrmnd,


Why did not we receive an email that there is a maintenance on Thursday?


We will move our videotape now so we can test the FB's. :/


Re: MindSphere Upgrade to MindSphere V2.0

Sorry that you havent yet received information about the downtime, we need to get better in communicating this and do our best to improve the service going forward.