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MindSphere data center location?

Valued Contributor
Valued Contributor

We're considering a deployment of MindSphere to support our global operations centers (right now focused on North America and APAC).  We've been told that the initial release of MindSphere is based on an SAP data center in Germany, but what is Siemens' plan to rollout regional data centers?  


Re: MindSphere data center location?

Community Manager Community Manager
Community Manager
Hi, @Mcadb_IoT, SAP is holding data centers in Germany and the Netherlands and if you are a client outside of these regions your data will be stored there anyways. We will soon offer additional data storage solutions other than SAP that will be based in the US and APAC.

Re: MindSphere data center location?


Hi everyone, excuse me for pulling up this thread after so long time.


According to my knowledge Mindsphere currently have data centers in Germany,  Netherlands and US. Please correct me if I am wrong?

What other regions Mindspher is targeting right now? Will be appreciated if someone can share the roadmap or webpage for future releases on other data centers. This formation will be very fruitful for our customers based out on different geographical locations.


Thanks in advance!

Divya Garg