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Mindsphere roadmap, remote maintenance

Siemens Experimenter Siemens Experimenter
Siemens Experimenter



we are currently working on connecting our machines to our main location. We experimented a lot with the Mindsphere. To evaluate which hardware and software will be needed for making our machines as accessible as possible I need some more information on future updates to the Mindsphere.


is the addition of a remote maintenance feature planned for future updates of Manage My Machine or will there be another app developed by Siemens with the feature?


Will it, at some point, be possible to use the VPN tunnel Mindsphere uses for other things than (limited) data transition from Asset to Cloud?



Thank you in advance.



Re: Mindsphere roadmap, remote maintenance

Community Manager Community Manager
Community Manager

We did not forget you @JanHe but I needed to collect some additional information which needed some time.
Regarding the MindSphere platform, we will soon start distributing more information about future changes and Azure and AWS availability. Speaking about Manage My Machines, our outlook for future updates definitely includes remote access capabilities, more customizable UI elements, more options in triggering alarm groups, actions, as well as SMS notification, and more. However, we cannot give you an exact date of arrival for such features, please allow us some more time.

Re: Mindsphere roadmap, remote maintenance



I'm interested also in remote maintenance applications on the side of power and air conditioning systems expecially for hospitals. etc.

Can you please keep me updated about possibilities via the Mindsphere ?
Thank you anr regards,