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Nanobox or IOT2040


Good morning dear society 

I would be grateful if you could give some ideas about the NanoBox applicability :

1) whether  it is  possible to use Siemens Nanobox as a gateway for any other cloud solutions (not MindSphere) 

2) Is it compatible with S400/S300? 

3) what kind of input/output protocols does it support?  ( S7, ethernet,....  /  OPC UA, MQTT, OPC DA......????) 

4) is it possible to store data on it? ( from the PLC or wincc, what is the data storages volume?)

The problem is that there is no permanent internet access ( some times there is a WiFI connection, the second option is satellite internet which is also not stable and time/volume limited ) what could be a solution?  

Maybe it is better to use other hardware to store and read data from the PLC which is able to send it further as well. ??? 

5) does it have a firewall onboard?

6) Is it able to store data without a permanent internet connection and to transfer it after the connection is established with respect to a schedule? Does it require a static IP address from the internet provider? 




thank you in advance

Best regards 



Re: Nanobox or IOT2040

Siemens Experimenter Siemens Experimenter
Siemens Experimenter

Hello Igor,

Here's some answers to your questions. Just a heads up the MindConnect Nano should not be confused with the Simatic nanobox IPC or simatic IoT2040 which is essentially a PC. The MindConnect Nano (and MindConenct IOT 2040) are standalone devices (although with the same form factor) which have been locked down to essentially only allow a secure easy to configure connection to MindSphere.

1. No the MinConnect Nano can only push data to MindSphere.
2. Do you mean the S7-300 and S7-400? If so then yes, the MindConnect Nano can communicate through the S7 protocol to these devices.
3. S7, OPC UA and Modbus (you will be connect via a whole raft of other protocols using alternate MindConnect offerings via the MindConnt IoT extension)
4. If there is a loss of connection to the internet data (500MB) is buffered on the MindConnect Nano and once an internet connection to the internet is reestablished the data will be uploaded to MindSphere. This is automatic and you won't need to set this up.
5. There is no firewall, a firewall should be installed in between the Mindconnect Nano and the access to the internet and have port 443 enabled. There numerous security features of the MindConnect Nano which can be found here
6. Yes see point 4. No you can enable DHCP for both the internet connection and the data acquisition connection.

Hope that helps.