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Sales and Delivery Release for MindSphere (MindAccess & MindApps)

The MindSphere Offering MindAccess & MindApps covering access to and usage of the MindSphere Platform (as part of MindAccess Users) and the new MindApp Fleet Manager is released for sales and delivery. The new MindApp Fleet Manager will replace both the existing MindApp Fleet Manager and MindApp Visual Analyzer.


1. Description of MindAccess Users

MindAccess Users provides an Account in order to access the MindSphere Platform. Within the MindSphere Platform, tools are provided to configure Assets, Users and applications and MindApps can be accessed.

1.1. Preconditions and Access


After ordering, an account specific URL on the MindSphere Platform and admin access will be provided.
Accessing the MindSphere Platform via the following URL:<account_name>/. For every User, an individual login is required. Every User will receive an e-mail with personalized log-in credentials.

1.2. Configuration Tools

For the configuration of the Account on the MindSphere Platform, three (3) tools are available as part of MindAccess Users:

  • Asset Configuration: The Asset Configuration tool can be used to manage Assets and to onboard a MindConnect Element or other authorized clients to the MindSphere Platform.
  • User Management: With the User Management, an Admin can create, edit and delete further logins for its own organization. All Users can see all Assets of all End Customers of this Account. User Management is the tool to manage the User rights and roles allocated to Users for accessing MindSphere. Each User can be assigned the User roles “Admin” and “User”.
  • Customer Management: Customer Management is the tool to manage End Customers and the End Customers’ Users. End Customers’ Users can only access and configure the Assets which are assigned to the respective End Customer.

For more technical information about MindAccess Users, please refer to 109742262.


2. Description of MindApp Fleet Manager

The MindApp Fleet Manager provides an overview of configured Assets in MindSphere and the possibility to quickly search and filter relevant Assets.


2.1. Key Features of the new MindApp Fleet Manager

The new MindApp Fleet Manager replaces both the existing MindApp Fleet Manager and MindApp Visual Analyzer and includes the following key features:

  • Improved design and usability
  • Individual floor plans to provide a quick overview of Asset locations
  • Enhanced data visualization tools (e.g. pie charts)
  • Enhanced rules & request engine


2.2. Overview of MindApp Fleet Manager

MindApp Fleet Manger shows the status of single Aspects of an Asset in a line, pie or bar chart. In addition, it can also display the last not closed Requests of the three priority levels in a line chart to view the data surrounding this event.

Knowledge with other Users can be shared by creating Requests including recommendations for actions where necessary. If events of an Asset are recognized, it will be displayed in the Request status.

All outstanding Requests of an Asset can be displayed in a separate view in addition to the Aspects and can be processed.

For MindSphere to automatically detect events and trigger Requests, rules in Fleet Manager can be defined to monitor data points of the respective Assets.

Assets can be shown in form of a list or Area Plan.

2.3. Specification of MindApp Fleet Manager

  • Asset-Overview:
    • List view: Assets are listed and can be sorted or filtered. Only Assets for which the User is authorized are shown. A Service Provider can see all Assets of all End Customers, End Customers can only see their own Assets.
    • Area view: If an area is selected, it is possible to change from „list view“ to „area view“. Here are the Assets in a two-dimensional view displayed spatially linked together. If available, the uploaded area image is shown. In editing mode Assets can be positioned and their size changed.
  • Requests: Focus can be put on Assets or Requests of an Asset. They are shown in a table.
  • Rules: Create rules for each Asset and edit or delete them.

Details regarding MindApp Fleet Manager can be found in 109742260.


3. Customer Benefits

  • MindSphere is a highly scalable Industrial IoT platform enabling definition, implementation and operation of digital services and new digital business models
  • Digital services permit to increase availability, decrease energy costs, improve output and optimize service costs
  • Fast and easy configuration of Assets to collect data and transfer into MindSphere based on high security standards
  • Continuous monitoring of data based on definable rules, automatically creates insights
  • Identify insights visually in Fleet Manager by status overview of all Assets and visual analytics in one application
  • For each insight, recommend actions assigned to specific users/user groups via Requests system


5. Contact Person

For further information please find your local Siemens partner at


Updated: 10/20/2016