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Upload data from a win7 with IoT 2040



I am planning to use MindSphere for analysing my measured data. This data is measured by LabVIEW and saved in some files on a measuring computer (Win7) which is not connected to the internet. What is the best solution to upload the data if I am not able to connect the PC directly to the internet? I think of using an IoT 2040 which is connected to the Internet and to the measuring computer. My idea is to save the data in a folder and then the IoT 2040 will read this data from this folder (in a suitable fileformat) and upload it to MindSphere.

Will this work? Is the IoT 2040 able to read the data from my HDD/SSD?


Thanks in advanced and best wishes



Re: Upload data from a win7 with IoT 2040


Hi @Lasklu 


I had no time to try it till now, but  you could directly use the mindconnect-nodejs library.

Then no other hardware would be required.


EDIT: Sorry I did not read "which is not connected to the internet". May some other can answer here better regarding IoT2040.




Re: Upload data from a win7 with IoT 2040


Hi Lasklu,


Do you mean the MindConnect IOT 2040 or Simatic IOT 2040?

Anyway, you can basically use any internet connected device that can run node-red (Windows, Linux or Mac OSX) and then use the to ingest data like Gabe suggested.

The MindConnect IOT 2040 would not work for your problem, but the since the Simatic IOT 2040 is a linux computer that can run node-red, it will work fine.


Edit: If you have techusr access on your mindsphere space, you could even use postman to upload the data into an asset.


Regards, Callan