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Version 3.0 Getting Started: Adding assets

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MindSphere’s objective is to store and analyze time series IoT data, so let’s get an asset configured in your new V3.0 MindSphere environment to start collecting data. 


  1. What is an “Asset” and “Aspect”?
  • In simple terms, a MindSphere asset is used to represent a real world device and is used store and query time series data. You define the variables, how often to collect, and the data type into what we call an “aspect.”  Those aspects get grouped into aspect types and are then associated with MindSphere assets. 
  • An asset can be a machine, a PLC, a sensor, or any physical asset which you want to represent as time series data in MindSphere.


  1. How do you collect Asset data and what to do before you begin?

There are several options to bring time series IoT data into MindSphere, from hardware gateways to software libraries. Below we cover some of the key components and how to prepare them for MindSphere.


  • MindSphere IoT Extensions: library of connectors to connect with other device types or protocols. To activate your environment’s MindConnect IoT Extension follow the instructions provided in your welcome letter.


  1. I have a way to collect my asset data, how do I configure it?


Support: If you require help along the way, create a service request from your MindSphere Launchpad by clicking “?” in the upper right hand corner and selecting MindSphere Support.  Fill out the form and Siemens PLM support (GTAC) will provide you with an IR number and investigate further.

MindSphere User documentation:

MindSphere Developer documentation:



Re: Version 3.0 Getting Started: Adding assets

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