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Version 3.0 Getting Started: Adding users and roles

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After your MindSphere V3.0 tenant is provisioned and you’ve received your welcome letter, the only defined user is the admin specified in your contract documents.  In this post we highlight the key next steps to get additional team members access to your MindSphere environment and where to find more detailed documentation. 


  1. Adding MindSphere users/administrators to your tenant

Detailed steps are outlined in user documentation (, look under the MindAccess section and click on the tile for "User Management."


Keep in mind:

  • The defined admin must perform the initial steps through the “User Management” app found on the MindSphere Launchpad. That admin can grant new users similar administrator capabilities if needed (via the roles process described in the next step).
  • MindSphere V3.0 uses Siemens webkey for authentication. When you add a new user to your MindSphere tenant, they will receive an email to activate their webkey account.  If that user has an existing webkey account, they can use that same single account/password to login to multiple Version 3 MindSphere tenants.
  • If a user on your team wants MindSphere access and they activate their own webkey (via the "Not Registered? Create a new account" link on each MindSphere login screen) that does not automatically grant access to MindSphere. Their tenant admin must still add that new user’s webkey email via the User Management app.



  1. Giving roles to new MindSphere users:

After you’ve added a new user to your MindSphere tenant, you need to give that person specific roles. To assign user roles, see the same document shared in (1) above for user management


Important: If a new user is added without a role assigned, the user will experience a “400” type error or have a blank Launchpad.

More details on available roles can be found in the same "User Management" documents. 


  1. Adding MindSphere Developers to your environment:
    • This process only applies for those customers with either a MindSphere Developer or Operator plan. This does not apply for the MindSphere IoT Value Plan.


  • Your custom application is pushed into your MindSphere environment via Cloud Foundry (CF), into what CF calls an “ORG”. Developers are given permissions to do this within CF and is completely separate from adding users or admins to your MindSphere tenant outlined above.


  • The defined admin must perform these initial steps. The admin can grant Org admin or Org Manager privileges to others on the team, but he/she must first add those users into the Cloud Foundry environment.


  • All Cloud Foundry configuration for MindSphere Version 3 is currently done through the command line interface (CLI).



Support and documentation can always be found here: 

Support: If you require help along the way, create a service request from your MindSphere Launchpad by clicking “?” in the upper right hand corner and selecting MindSphere Support.  Fill out the form and Siemens PLM support (GTAC) will provide you with an IR number and investigate further.

MindSphere User documentation:

MindSphere Developer documentation: