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What is MindSphere, the non technical version

Siemens Experimenter Siemens Experimenter
Siemens Experimenter

I am often asked "What is MindSphere", so I came up wiht the following as a somewhat non technical and relatable explanation.

MindSphere is to Industry Platforms, what Android is to Phones (an over simplification but…).
MindSphere facilitates connectivity of data, provides a stable platform (operating system and storage) on which to develop apps, and a consume data.


And as Android can run on phones from different  manufactuerers, MindSphere runs on several infrastructures, Amazon’s AWS, Microsoft’s Azure, and Alibaba (in China), we are open, and not tied to one infrastructure partner.

And like Android, MindSphere is open for anyone to develop apps and sell/rent them on our MindSphere Store (app store), again we are open, thus the “Open” IoT Operating System in the name.


Is Android about Angry Birds or Instagram, it depends on the consumer. Consumers do not buy “Android”, they buy the solutions (apps) that are created on the Android platform.
What will MindSphere be to a customer, for some it will be preventative maintenance for a pump, for others it will monitor and evaluate the energy usage of a building, others will feed a digital twin model with live data captured in MindSphere, the possibilities are endless.


Basically, identfy a problem, select the sensor to capture data related to the problem, and lastly, can we utilize and existing app, or build a new app to analyze the data to solve or prevent that problem, that is MindSphere.


Here is a good story from a partner prospective, I had a discussion with a company that has a complete system of sensors, hardware, plus a server with applications and analytics installed. However even though the return on investment is a 3 year period, the inital investment seems to much and few are buying.
So this customer has the idea to reprogram their app and analytics into the MindSphere cloud operating system, eliminating the server and those upfront costs. They will then charge a monthly fee for the app service, and this fee will be less than the saving from their system, instant ROI for the customer, and a new business model for the developer.


When I meet people who have their own cloud (platform) and Apps I say GREAT, why not reprogram your app on MindSphere, and give your customers options.
WhatsApp is on Android, iOS and Windows, so it should not be difficult to show the benefit to developers for reprogramming existing apps to run on MindSphere. It is Siemens job to managing the best platform, and curate the app store to facilitate matches between customers with problems, and developers with solutions.


Another thing about MindSphere that is not understood is how a platform changes the way in which apps are created, deployed and utilized in the cloud.
MindSphere greatly reduced production time so apps can be developed and deployed quickly, in most cases 50 to 90% faster than using traditional programming methods, this cannot be understated!


And MindSphere has superior connectivity as compared to other Industrial platforms. Our gateways and connectivity suite allows machines to be connected to MindSphere more easily than can be done by other Industrial Platforms. And the fact is, you cannot analyze data, if you cannot connect and collect the data!



Re: What is MindSphere, the non technical version

Thanks for sharing, great to see your partner found an immediate benefit and return!

Re: What is MindSphere, the non technical version

Siemens Valued Contributor Siemens Valued Contributor
Siemens Valued Contributor
Very good analogy! I may use this if OK with you ?

Re: What is MindSphere, the non technical version

Siemens Experimenter Siemens Experimenter
Siemens Experimenter
I am glad it works as a relatable story for you to use with customers so yes please feel free to use this any way you like.