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What to buy? Getting started with mindsphere

I want to learn how to use mindsphere hands-on.

Objective: simply connect afew PLC data points to mindsphere

please advise if i missed out any important order number.

Mind Access & Mind apps
Mind Connect Nano
PLC S7-1200 (Testing purpose)
Internet connection to Mindsphere
READ and follow THE "GETTING Started with mindsphere and mind connect manual

Best regards,

Re: What to buy? Getting started with mindsphere

Community Manager Community Manager
Community Manager

Hi, @Neo & welcome to the MindSphere Community.


The elements you listed are everything you need to get started. You can either get in touch with our store personnel via our store here or set up the order in the Siemens Mall for Industry if you are already a Siemens client.

Unfortunately, we currently don't have a demo available just yet, but we are working on providing a test environment in the future.


Please let me know if anything is unclear or you have additional questions.