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a few introductory questions


We are just starting to explore the Mindsphere platform. Our key driver is to make our process simulation technology available on that platform.


Mindsphere is based on Cloud Foundry (CF); the first question is: what version of CF is Mindsphere based on ?


Next, in your docs you state that apps are developed in Java. Looking at CF docs it seems that via buildpacks CF itself also supports other technologies. The second question is: are these also allowed in Mindsphere ?


But let's stick to Java in the following.

Our technology is developed in C++, but also has Python, .NET and Java APIs; the Java API mirrors the Python one documented here.

In essence our Java API consists in a few classes + one DLL (on Linux it's called that is dynamically loaded by the JVM and provides our simulation core functionalities.

The third and last question is: can we push to Mindsphere CF an app which depends on this DLL ? On this topic, I found this promising HOWTO.


Many thanks !


Re: a few introductory questions


Hi Simevo, heare some answer to your open point:


   2.x


  Currently allowed are all buildpacks. Supported buildbacks are Java & node.js



  this could be possible with the binary buildpack: regarding the question of DLLs and Cloud Foundry for Java Applications. This should be possible if the library deploys also in Cloud Foundry and subsequent an extra Script (.profile) is executed. For this purpose the following documentation exists:


Kind regards