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Attaching 2 Devices for Kinematic Following in Process Simulate




i want to attach a device to another device through an "extra" Joint. the Problem is that the Kinematic Editor's are different for each Device, that means i cannot connect one Device to another. I want to define one Device as the ParentObject, and the other Device Follows, e.i when i move it with the Joint log. 


Is that Possible in Process Simulate? 


Re: Attaching 2 Devices for Kinematic Following in Process Simulate

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Hello Arslan

I know this is an old thread, but I'd rather answer it late than never...


You could do this in one of two ways:

The old way would be to use a Control Group. You can look through the help for specific details on how to create and use Control Groups, but I suggest the 2nd approach: Equipment.


Create an Equipment (also named Equipment Prototype). 

Define some Kinematics for this Equipment (dummy kinematics, 2 links and a joint between them) so that PS will recognize this object as a kinematic device, and place both your devices under this equipment. You can than End Modeling for the Equipment and it will be saved into a COJT. This is the equivilant of Assemblies in CAD software, but you can also define Geometry and Kinematics directly on the Equipment itself (for example - you could define a dependency between your two devices, this is sometimes refered to as Compound Kinematics).


Please refer to the PS help for more details (just search for Equipment).



Kind regards,
Gal Snir