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Can I use Tecnomatix Plant Simulation as a solver?


Is it possible to run Tecnomatix Plant Simulation in silent mode through external software, such as a vbscript, etc?

We have a model created in Tecnomatix Plant Simulation that collects some data in an oracle database, and uses that in a GA experiment, the results are written into the database, configuring a two-way communication channel.

Some routines in the customer's environment update this database, the idea is to optimize this process automatically, without human interaction. So, the external script needs to open Tecnomatix Plant Simulation, run the optimization and write the results back to the database.


Re: Can I use Tecnomatix Plant Simulation as a solver?

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Siemens Creator


Sure. Just call Plant Simulation with –f FileName to load a model.


e.g. in a batch file


start "" "C:\Program Files\Tecnomatix\Plant Simulation 10.1\PlantSimulation10_1.exe" -f "D:\temp\ \Plant_Simulation_10_1\modelname.spp"



If this model contains an AutoExec method in the root, you can load actual data and start the simulation run. At the end you use the endsim method to export the result data and close Plant Simulation.