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Change 3D graphic of frame

Hello. Does anyone know how to change the 3D graphic of a Frame-object placed inside another Frame? When I select the 'Open in 3D' option for the inserted Frame, it only opens the 3D model within that Frame. Regards


Re: Change 3D graphic of frame

Hello Abyss_Above,

For the representation of a frame the graphics in the graphic group default is used.

By default this graphic group is not shown inside the network.

In the View ribbon you have a button to show it. Then just delete the existing graphic and create the graphic you want in the graphic group default.

Just make sure that you want to change it only for the single instance of this frame object, otherwise you should change the graphic in the class object, so that all other instances inherit this graphic.




Re: Change 3D graphic of frame

Thanks again Ralf